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To search for alumni of UC's graduate programs in transportation, enter one or more of the following criteria and click on the "search" button. If you specify more than one criterion, the search will return only results that meet all of your specifications. By selecting multiple search criteria, you refine your search and increase the probability that you will quickly find the individuals you want to locate.

By default, the results of a search are displayed in alphabetical order by last name, then first name and middle initial. To display the on-line profile of the individual(s) in your list, click on the individual's hyperlink name at the top of your results screen. To search again you can either modify your previous search criteria on this page and click on "search" or you can click on "clear" to clear your search criteria and start over with a new search.

The on-line alumni network is provided for information and networking purposes only. To reduce the misuse of the network, search results will return no more than 100 names. For searches that exceed this maximum, please contact the Alumni Network Coordinator

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