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Welcome to the UC Transportation Alumni On-Line Network!

The network gives you selected information on participating alumni from UC's graduate programs in transportation studies. Authorized alumni can also create their own on-line profiles: their UC degrees, current and previous positions, recent projects, professional interests and memberships, honors and awards and representative publications and presentations.

You can locate classmates or alumni by: last name (and last name at graduation), campus, major, year of graduation, academic advisor, employment location, employer type, and primary job responsibility.

You can also access links to information on UC's graduate transportation degree options, research opportunities, current students, library services, and publications; and get information on how to apply for UC's graduate transportation programs.

To view the on-line personal profiles of alumni and current students, you must first sign up to become a visitor or a member of the UC Transportation Alumni On-Line Network. To do so, please click on "sign-up for the network" on the left of this screen. The system will remember this information. In the future, you can search the on-line profiles by going directly to the login command.

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